Best Gadgets under 500 INR

There are lots of gadgets under 500 which we need in our daily life. We have sorted few of them from them and presented here. These gadgets are worth enough for their price and will provide good value for money. Those are listed below.

1. Wired Mouse

Wireless mouses are being used now by most of us but under budget we get good quality wired mouse which can gets the job done for everything.

2. Mousepad

As we’re being in work from home since long time we need few accessories for that thing. In that mousepad is also one of the product we need to the things in a comfortable way.

3. Tripods

Most of us are addicted in making Instagram reels and videos for personal and professional use. So to keep the footage clean and smooth tripod is the best option for us. Under budget there are lots of options for us as tripods.

4. Wired Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse combos are very handy for us to get both of them under good price. Although it is wired we get good quality keyboard and mouse at attractive price.

5. Microfibre cloth (for cleaning computers/ laptops/ TV etc)

We all use the gadgets everyday as time passes they get dusted. To get it cleaned properly we have to use a good microfibre cloth.

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