Top 10 Gadgets for everyone under 500.

we sorted out best ten gadgets under 500 for everyone. Even if you’re a student or Work from home person the listed products will help you everyday.

1. Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse

Wired mouse is always a good choice for everyone. Even if you’re a student or work from home job holder this is the best option for many people. This is the best wired mouse under 500 from Dell company.

2. Wall Hanging Mobile Charging Holder 

This product is useful when there is no space for keeping the phone while charging. A very useful product for mobiles while charging.

3. Zebronics USB Multimedia Keyboard

Zerbronics brand offers a very good wired keyboard for work from home. This product offers good value for money.

4. Zebronics Optical USB Gaming Mouse with LED Effect

Gaming mouse are very rare under low budget. This product has a very good led effect and working fine as a gaming mouse.

5. boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

boAt products are very budget friendly and have good quality. This wired earphones have tangle free wire and offer good sound quality with mic.

6. Portable Flexible USB LED Light for laptops

We know most of the budget laptops don’t offer backlight feature. At that point this gadget helps for those laptops. This works with USB and offers good amount of light.

7. Microfiber Cloth for cleaning Laptops, TV, Car and Etc.

This microfibre cloth is very useful for cleaning dust on laptops and TV screens. They can easily pick the dust particles and clean the screen very easily. This can also be used for cars and bikes also.

8. Charger Cable Protector 

This is mainly dedicated to apple users because the cable that we get for apple products is very delicate and damage very soon at the joints. This cable protectors in for protecting them.

9. Earphone case | Headphone case

Tygot Gorilla Tripod/Mini for Mobile Phone with Phone Mount | Flexible Gorilla Stand for DSLR & Action Cameras

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